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Step 1
Please select your service requirements:

To get a price, enter the number of items to be moved, their weight and dimensions.

Note: 'Pallets' below, can include stillages, crates and any other items with standard 1200 x 1200 forkliftable base.

'Click the 'info' symbol or 'hover' over an item for more info. (Click the symbol again to close the panel. In fact any place where you can click to 'open' a panel you can also click to 'close' it again).

Default Values: If you leave weight and size blank we will assume each pallet is 700 Kg and measures 1.2 Mtr W x 1.2 Mtr L x 1.4 Mtr H

Important: Unless otherwise stated, prices are based on a forklift being available for loading and unloading.

Questions? Need help? Send us a  message or please call   1800 800 323 or 0400 830 820   during business hours.

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Standard Pallets
Standard Pallets Specs (Each): Maximum Length: 1200mm | Maximum Width: 1200mm
Size Group Quantity:Weight Per Pallet:Max. Pallet Height:Max. Pallet Length:Max. Pallet Width:
Group 1:1200mm 1200mm
Group 2: 1200mm 1200mm
Group 3: 1200mm 1200mm
Custom Sized Pallets
Size Group Quantity:Weight Per Pallet:Max. Pallet Height:Max. Pallet Length:Max. Pallet Width:
Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3:
Group 4:
Special Items. Non Standard Pallets and freight. Brief description of anything else to be moved:

If you can't find a suitable pallet size above, please describe your load here:

Optional Pallet Spaces
Pallet Spaces req for the load in this box:
Total weight of load described in this box:
If your goods are in a self storage facility please click here for quick tip.

Self-Storage centers often measure their storage units in 'SQUARE' metres which refers to the FLOOR AREA taken up.

For example a 3 x 3 unit may be rented to you as a '9 Square metre' unit.

However 'square metres' are not the same as 'cubic metres', and we need to know the cubic metres taken up.

To get that we need to know how HIGH your goods are stacked as well.

So if your unit is stacked 2 metres high, you need to multiply the 9 square meters of floor area by the 2 metre height. That gives 2 x 9 = 18 .... 18 cubic metres and that's what we need to know.

Another example: If you are storing in a 2 x 4 storage unit (8 sqare metres) and the goods are stacked 2.5 metres high you should get your quote based on 2 metres (length) x 4 metres (width) x 2.5 metres High. ie: 2 x 4 x 2.5 = 20 cubic metres.

If you are not sure how full your unit is, it is may be better to get a quote based on the items you've got in the storage unit instead of based on an estimate of how high it is stacked and how full it is.
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Enter Suburb, town or other placename or postcode at origin; (Not full street address. Street address not required until you book..)
Access issues at pickup. (eg: Loading Dock Pickup, Clearway times, Low Clearance) and additional pickup addresses.
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Leave blank for ASAP and we'll ring to arrange.
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Where To ?Enter Delivery Details here:

Select Suburb, town or other placename or postcode at destination. (Full street addresses are not required until you make a booking).
Access issues at delivery. (eg: Loading Dock Delivery, Clearway times, Low Clearance) and additional delivery addresses.
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