Australia-Wide Furniture Storage Services

How does it work?

We bring a container direct to your door and leave it there for you to load yourself. When you are done we pick it up and send it to your delivery destination via rail. The container is then left for you to unload at your leisure.

We use Hi Cube 20 Foot 37 CuM shipping containers that hold approximately 35 Cubic Metres of furniture. If you think that you might have around this much to load it may be an option to consider. There can be dramatic differences in cost, depending on the areas that we deliver the containers to and the extent to which you fill the container.

Hire of furniture removal pads is included in the price and we can also arrange to have other packing materials delivered to your door.

Getting a Price: When you have submitted a quotation online, a Self-Load price will be presented along with your normal removal service price if this option is available for the regions that you have selected and the Cubic Volume is within an appropriate range. This makes it easy to compare the savings and make an informed choice of whether this option is viable for your set of individual circumstances. You will be given the choice of which option you take during the booking process.
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